The most excellent manager at The Wharf handed me some samples, which we call homework.  Two of the cigars looked vaguely familiar to me.  Black and white labels with some nice design, attractive looking tobacco.  Needless to say, I was intrigued.  I was handed two of these samples, Black Label Trading Company, and I chose the Lawless blend for the first review.  The Benediction will soon follow.  So, enough babbling here, let’s get smoking.

Construction: This is an exceptionally nice looking cigar.  The Habano Rosado wrapper leaf is a nice deep red-brown with loads of oils.  The seams are smooth and no veins.  The overall look of the cigar is very rustic and rather lumpy.  Honestly, a look I enjoy in any cigar.  The band also deserves some recognition here.  A simple black and white scheme always looks good on cigars and in this case they used a nice Victorian flourish with a skull and crown.  It’s a simple scheme that works well.  The foot is protected by a band as well.  This sporting the name of the cigar in matching black and white using distressed lettering.  Overall a very nice presentation.




Finally!  It’s not below freezing outside and no white crap is falling from the sky!  What a winter it has been around here…heck, everywhere!  So, to celebrate this joyous occasion, I am sitting on the porch with a bottle of mineral water and a Black Label Trading Company Benediction.  After smoking the Lawless and being blown to smithereens by its complexity and craftsmanship, I decided the time was right for round two.  Let’s get smoking….

Construction: An absolutely gorgeous red-brown and veinless wrapper leaf, no seams or other issues, oils so heavy you can see yourself in the reflection.  Just another beautiful cigar from BLTC.





Spent some time over the past few weeks in Esteli to work on production and some new blends.  We have some great new cigars in the works… stay tuned.
IMG_5274 IMG_4966


IMG_5071 IMG_4997

IMG_5302  IMG_5212

Esteli Church  IMG_5220

IMG_4914  IMG_5097

IMG_5019  IMG_4918

IMG_4929  Esteli Leaf



This was the best boxed press cigar I have ever had…period.   After smoking theBlack Label Trading Company’s (BLTC) Benediction I was very excited for BLTC’s Last Rites.  It seems the Last Rites cigar is the cigar of cigars at BLTC.  This cigar is a rare small batch with a Nicaraguan and Honduran Filler. A Honduran binder and topped off with a very dark brown aged Ecuadorian Maduo wrapper.  In fact, this cigar is so small batched that BLTC only makes 500 boxes a year of this amazing smoke.  Get them while they are hot!

As mentioned on BLTC’s website, the complex layers really are unforgettable.  I tend to lean more towards full bodied cigars, so this was right in my wheel house of flavor and taste.  Great smooth earthy tones and a bit of spice are noted in the Nicaraguan and strong Honduran tobacco filler.  Do not smoke this cigar on an empty stomach because it will deliver a knock out punch to you.  Make sure you are prepared because this cigar is the extreme opposite of light and fluffy.

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